Digitalisation vision for building and land use data collection in Finland

A project led by GISPO to develop a new system to collect, process and monitor of building and land-use data for the Finnish Ministry of Environment. For this project only a few screenshots from our slide deck are publicly available.


In Finland, the Land Use and Construction Act is supplemented by the Land Use and Construction Decree with regard to land use monitoring, which defines the Ministry of the Environment’s obligation as the organisation of land use monitoring and the maintenance of related monitoring systems.
Since the 1970s, town planning has been monitored by filling generic land-use and building data forms. Currently, there is a town-planning monitoring form that has been in operation since the previous planning law was introduced and it contains key indicators such as the square meters of land and building uses.
The data obtained from municipalities are currently compiled annually by the Finnish Ministry of Environment. The provincial and master plan levels are not monitored in the same way due to different their strategic area.
Our aim was to review the current monitor process, the information collected in the land-use forms and how this data is utilised. Our study found that monitoring causes a lot of redundancy and the information collected by national, regional and local agencies does not converge in a shared pool of data resources. In 2014 there was a test to collect building and land-use data directly in digital formats but still today most of the reporting is done manually, by filling form in excel.
Eventually we designed a strategy for monitoring the building and land-use of future construction plans. We have also introduced a system to upgrade the data collection process and monitoring tasks. The measures include preliminary cost estimates and a roadmap until 2030. The report was produced for the Ministry of the Environment by Gispo Oy in cooperation with SPIN Unit Oy.