City Experiment Fund Webinar series: Humble governance: addressing complex challenges through a networked model

We are currently facing substantial societal challenges, such as climate change, polarization, and racial tensions. We believe that the only way forward is to collectively strive towards increasingly humble public governance, in which broad collaboration and collective learning build trust.

Humility begins with an acknowledgement of our own fallibility. In a context characterized by great uncertainty and complexity, it is impossible to arrive at an adequate solution to a problem without comparing the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches in the contexts where they are applied.

Many of the greatest success stories of our societies have been built on the principles of humble governance. Societies have thrived when there have been institutions that ensure continuous learning and improvement. The most respected decision-makers have been the ones who can learn from the past to steer societies towards better futures. Until now, the cases have emerged organically. The key question is, can there be a way to institutionalise the humble approach?

This talk will introduce the humble approach for governance innovation, a new model addressing complex challenges through a networked model. Humble Governance approach is based on Demos Helsinki’s recent collaboration with the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office and Colombia University.

Speakers: Damiano Cerrone (Consultant, Urban Transformations team at Demos Helsinki) and Mikko Annala (Lead, Governance Innovation team at Demos Helsinki