The future of work in the Smart City

Moderated by Alex Irwin-Hunt, Global Markets Editor and co-host of Rising Ecosystems Podcast at fDi Intelligence

We will discuss the future of work and how this differs for smart cities versus cites less focused on urban technology. Will urban tech solutions trigger better ‘liveable city solutions’ for people working, as well as for those living there?

What are the main pros and cons of the changes and are they here to stay, or will we eventually return to a more traditional working environment? How can cities position themselves to take advantage of the next opportunity?

Jaromir Beranek, Head of IT and the Smart City Committee of the Prague City Assembly
Sonja Malin, Senior Business Advisor and Smart City Expert Helsinki Business Hub
Jose Antonio Ondiviela Ph.D., Western Europe Government / SmartCities Solutions Director, Microsoft
Damiano Cerrone, Consultant at Demos Helsinki Think Tank

Hosted by Pascal Bleeker, Managing Director, Forglobal and Christina See, Managing Director, See Intelligence