Damiano Cerrone is a research consultant and an academic specializing in developing analytic frameworks and providing actionable strategies for thought leaders. Cerrone works across disciplines to study the relationships between people and the design of their digital and built environments. Cerrone has been helping cities, and ministerial offices develop studies and solutions to energize public and private enterprises dealing with the complexity of planning.

Cerrone co-founded SPIN Unit, a research and development team to mediate urban development processes and provide insights for place makers. He is involved in external collaborations as Principal Researcher at TERREFORM CAUR and Associate at the Spatial Ethnography Lab.

Cerrone has been researching at Tampere University since 2016, where he works with epidemiologists to study the relationships between biodiversity loss and public health. He was a visiting researcher at Sapienza University and the Nokia Bell Labs. He lectured at different planning and design schools; among these were the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Beijing University of Technology, Tampere University, TalTech, University of Alicante, and the European University in San Petersburg, CUNY, and Aalto University.

I’m based in Helsinki.
Write at me@damianocerrone.info or PM on Twitter or LinkedIn.